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Liz Dexter

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How I Survived my First Year of Full-Time Self-Employment

In December 2011 I stopped being part-time employed / part-time self-employed and took the big, exciting (and scary) step into full-time self-employment.

Except it wasn't scary, because I'd worked, planned, set goals and knew when it was time to do it.

In this book I share exactly how I got to that stage. No tricks, no schemes to buy into, no promises of wealth on very little effort - just the concrete ways in which I planned, measured, built and worked hard to have the flexible and comfortable lifestyle I now enjoy.

I'm passionate about helping other small business owners see that they, too, can take the plunge: that they don't have to be a beardy entrepreneur, give up everything and live on nothing: that you can do it carefully and safely, building your own safety net until you can fly free.

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